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Taiwan Jianfeng group is engaged in the business enterprise management consultant for more than 30 years, it helped more than 4000 enterprises in Taiwan, more than 3000 mainland enterprises. The host of top management seminar 100, the chairman and general manager of more than 10 thousand people long and famous Japanese enterprises and exchanges, and the Japan Science and technology alliance, Japan, Japan Aoyama University Pingshan Corporation and Japan Nagoya Industrial University long-term cooperation. 30 years after the last century, in 80s 90s the international oil crisis, Southeast Asia financial storm in 1997, 2008, 2009 world financial crisis, Taiwan, Taiwan Jian Feng MBA group counseling in mainland China through the crisis, many enterprises to create success, the success of the transformation, have made great contributions to the development of cross-strait enterprises.

Anhui Tianda environmental protection new materials Limited by Share Ltd and Taiwan sunsreal business group in close cooperation, hire vigor management consulting to our training, training a number of outstanding management personnel, personnel, develop internal training courses, taking the actual problem as the case to analyze, let the staff experience, participation, method of analyzing problems and solving the real practical society, enhance the quality of staff, improve work efficiency, improve the overall management level of enterprises.

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